Swedish fire torch with … Zagori wood

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The Swedish fire torch (also known as Bonfire log or Canadian candle) is used as a source of light and warmth wherever (outdoors preferably!!) it is placed.

The torch burns vertically and is very attractive to watch. As the glowing logs burn up slowly they give off a pleasant heat and burn quite evenly due to their design that allows the continuous oxygen intake. Depending on the type of wood used the torch will burn up more or less slowly.

Some historical information

It got it’s name from the 30 year war between 1618 and 1648 in Europe during which war the torches were used by the Swedish soldiers as a source of heat. In this way they didn’t have to travel  distances for firewood at camp.

The log is either cut (usually only partially, but other variants do include totally splitting) and then set upright (ideally, the log needs to be cut evenly and on a level surface for stability). Tinder and kindling are added to the preformed chamber, from the initial cuts. Eventually, the fire is self-feeding. The flat, circular top provides a surface to place a kettle, or pan for cooking, boiling liquids, e.t.c.