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Pollen is the substance that bees collect from various flowers and use as exclusive protein food.
For humans pollen is a very useful element of nutrition due to its high protein content, necessary amino acids, vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients of high biological value for the organism. (35 grammars of pollen per day cover our daily protein needs)


Pollen helps in cognitive function, provides a state of well-being, increases self confidence, has diuretic effects, improves metabolism, fights general weakness and decay of the organism. It is rich in rutin (Vitamin R), which enhances the resistance of capillaries, reducing thus the possibilities of a stroke. It also contains the amino acid cysteine which helps hair growth and the preservation of natural hair color.


After pollen is collected from beehives, it is purified from unwanted elements like bee legs and plant debris. Then it is kept in the freezer for a couple of days to make sure that any microorganisms are eliminated and subsequently, pollen is left to dry in mild temperatures less than 40°C so as to preserve longer.


Pollen should be kept refrigerated, should not be exposed to the sun and should be consumed within a year.


Containers: 220gr / 440gr / 1kg