handmade wooden buttons for the felt jacket, made of dogberry bush wood
What exactly is café dendro?

What you see actually. A collection of artisans from the area of Zagori, picked by… me, and their work

Who makes all these products?

Georgia, Lena, Manolis, Marina, Moses, Rita, Stratos, Vasilis, people that live in the region of Zagori

Are the products made of local raw material?

Mostly local material when available in the region. Raw material for felt, for instance, is usually ordered from other resources but processed here

How can I buy something that I saw in the site?

Just contact the artisan that made it and he/she will guide you { see section meet the team }

Are the products readily available?

Some yes, but some no. Clothes for instance may need to be specially ordered whereas honey is available!

Are all the products of each artisan listed in the site?

Nope! Some characteristic products are on display but for more visit the artisans site listed in meet the team